Alpinestars SP-1 Airflow Leather Jacket Review at

Alpinestars SP-1 Airflow Leather Jacket Review at


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  • Autobahn Phil Reply

    Would you choose this over the GP Plus R v2? What would be the advantages, disadvantages? Naked bike, long torso

  • Sam Druitt Reply

    I'm looking at this jacket along with the Jaws V3 and GP-R V2. Is there a whole lot of difference between them?
    I'd like to be able to take it to the track maybe once or twice a year before buying a dedicated 1 piece.

  • adaptiveagile Reply

    Phenomenal reviews. Revzilla is brilliant. Thank you.

  • Matt Wright Reply

    You’re really good at this. Thx

  • Mouch the Biker Reply

    gonna go watch Ben Affleck batman after this

  • Cig Bear Reply

    If im medium US, should I buy a large for this?

  • TheDeceptikron Reply

    Hi Revzilla, I just bought an SP-1 Jacket from a local store in NZ, my chest is 107cm and my waist is 106cm, I'm 5'10, I've bought a size 52 euro, do you think I've gone too big or too small?

  • TheDeceptikron Reply

    I wish they had gone with blacked out logos on this like they have done on the Jagg pants.

  • Patrik Zanic Reply

    What are the actual differences between the SP-1, Jaws, GP plus R V2, Faster airflow and Fuji models ?

  • Clément Reply

    Thank's for this good presentation!

  • eldominicano217 Reply

    difference between this and the devon perf version?

  • Hakan Uzumcu Reply

    Hey Anthony, you know you can pull on a zipper tab to open it, right? 😜

  • Paul iceman Reply

    What the difference between this and the Alpinestars SP-X Leather Jacket ?

  • Luis Soto Reply

    Does this attach to the KR R?

  • TheTrader66 Reply

    Give him some oxygen

  • Motorcycle Gear Hub Reply

    One upgrade goodie that this jacket did not get is the upgrade to CE-certified Level 2 armor (elbows and shoulders) that other second-iteration jackets from Alpinestars did get. In any case, it's very easy to slap in some high-end Level-2 CE-certified armor from SAS-TEC, d3O, Forcefield, etc.

    As an example, for Alpinestars' ladies jackets, I like to slap in the 1/42 Prestige limb armor from SAS-TEC which, to date, is the most protective limb armor available (8.5kN residual force in the 1621-1:2012 CE certification. That's enough impact absorption for Level-2 certification for actual BACK protectors, which require even more impact absorption to qualify as Level 2 in the 1621-2:2014 CE certification. Mind blown!).

    The 1/42 Prestige armor pad fits in perfectly in Alpinestars ladies' sport-cut jackets (and men's jackets) and we've reviewed both Alpinestars' ladies jackets and the actual SAS-TEC 1/42 Prestige limb armor, so I can guarantee any folks reading this that they can upgrade the SP-1's limb armor to the magnificent SAS-TEC 1/42 Prestige armor and similarly-sized limb armor (I've measured lots of body armor as I personally have over 60 pairs of all sorts of body armor and brands, so feel free to ask if unsure as I probably own any protectors you may have in mind).

    Dimensions for the SAS-TEC 1/42 Prestige limb armor is 10 inches long x 7.2 inches wide x 0.7 inches thick. The review for the 1/42 Prestige is on our site and this particular limb protector is not easy to get (comes straight from Germany). Would love to see Revzilla stocking this given protector.

    Just wanted to add this comment as extra info to this great Revzilla review for those wanting to buy this excellent A* jacket and wanting CE Level-2 limb protection instead of the stock CE level-1 protection. Thanks for reading!

    EDIT: just wanted to add, so as to re-assure everyone, that the SAS-TEC 1/42 Prestige armor pads go in as ELBOW armor in this jacket, NOT as shoulder armor (there are other superb Level-2 protectors from different brands to be had).

  • David Cardone Reply

    Hi viz Brizz is like a royal guard looking all still and trying hard to not crack a smile. Be a good Batman Brizzle! Unlike Ben Afflack. Lol. Jacket is dope though! I am kinda stuck between this and the street darker jacket from Dianesse. Any input on fit and finish between the two? The sp-1 looks a little more relaxed. IMO. Price is right too. 👊🏼

  • Kamoteng ArTREE Reply

    hello hi viz brian. i have an alpinestars track pant in any case can i pair this with that? because i need size euro 46 and dont like a hump with the gp pro.

    hips 90
    Waist – 80 cm
    Arm – 55 cm
    Height – 163 – 165 cm

  • Dhanad Autade Reply

    My height is 5"4 feet And I am fat which size is suitable for me
    My measurement is
    chest – 41 cm
    Belly – 43 cm
    Waist – 41 cm
    Shoulder – 18 cm
    My weight is 82 kg

  • Andrew Tunnicliffe Reply

    What leather pants would you pair with this jacket – in the same street/sport vain?

  • maygg Reply

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